Industry / Government Committee

PC Chair: Mr Bill Simpson-Young (NICTA), Dr Asif Gill (UTS)

Stephen Smith, Macquarie University, Australia
Ghassan Beydoun, University of Wollongong, Australia
Mahmood Niazi, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia
Darryl Carr, Object Consulting, Australia
John Vitlin, NSW Transport Management Centre, Australia
Jason Lee, Dolby Laboratories, Australia.
Tristan Gutsche, Telstra, Australia.
Terry Roach, CAPSICUM Business Architects.

Accepted Papers

  • Bhim Prasad Upadhyaya Arieh Bibliowicz, Dov Dori. Enhancing the Scrum Agile Method with Object-Process Methodology.
  • Lee Hua Jie. The Lurks and Myths in Software Testing Industry.
  • Urjaswala Vora, Peeyush Chomal, Avani Vakharwala, Mohsin Sutar, Ankit Gupta, Hemant Kirar. eGovernance Reference Architecture
  • Andy Marks. Moving to a stateless world: a developer’s personal journey into functional programming
  • Evan Leybourn. Autopsy of a failed agile project
  • John Smart. BDD in Action – principles, practices and real-world application
  • Ian Cunningham, Aneesh Krishna, Raj P. Gopalan. Using XML Paths to Maintain Document Conformance
  • Amir Aryani, Heinz W Schmidt. Research Data and the Future of Software Engineering
  • Ben Barham, Nathan Hawes. Frappé: a Code Comprehension Tool for Large Codebases