Organising Committee

General Chairs: Prof Alan Fekete (University of Sydney), Prof Fethi Rabhi (UNSW)
Treasurer: Dr Julian Jang-Jaccard (CSIRO)
Research PC Chairs: Dr Liming Zhu (NICTA), Dr Jim Steel (University of Queensland)
Industry PC Chairs: Mr Bill Simpson-Young (NICTA), Dr Asif Gill (UTS)
Education PC Chair: Dr Nick Falkner (UAdelaide)
Local Arrangements Chair: Dr Helen Paik (UNSW); Dr Chadi Aoun (UTS)
Publicity Chairs: Dr Taso Viglas (USyd, mail-lists/social/poster), Dr David Pearce (VUW, web)
Sponsorship Chair: Dr Surya Nepal (CSIRO)
Doctoral Symposium Chair: Prof Didar Zowghi
Industry matters SC liaison: Dr Judy Bamberger